My name is Damiano Vukotic. I'm Head of Sales, producer and digital strategist at RSA Films Ltd, London. I promote and generate new business for the company's commercial, musicvideo, film, documentary, TV directors to all ad, communication, strategic agencies in UK, Europe and worldwide. I liaise with foreign production companies and source new talent. I passionately mesh new ideas and explore new opportunities on all the new rapidly evolving off and online media platforms.

My career began in the production of musicvideos, on to film development and production. Have produced short films, documentaries and film advertising. I have fulfilled nearly every role involved in content production except directing, from gaffering on Jamiacian beaches in ninety degree humidity to boom operating a 40 foot pole up three stories in Hoxton square, London on a one bitterly cold night.
I have worked with, at various points in my career, Wim Wenders, Danny Boyle, John Duigan, Kevin Allen, The Polish Brothers and Chris Menges as well as David Slade, Darius Khondji, Erick Ifergan, Zack Snyder, Floria Sigismondi and RSA's roster of directors -

Working too with some great film producers. Nik Powell, Sarah Radclyffe, Elizabeth Karlsen, Steve Woolley and Sam Taylor, amongst others and produced the BAFTA nominated, the award winning romantic comedy short film, That Sunday ( starring Alan Cumming and Minnie Driver.

I'm a passionate advocate of likemind -, social media, viral marketing, new tech, experience design, BBC Radio 4, the free model, macs, travelling, Montenegro, blogging and am an avid cinephile.

I love to share knowledge, inspire ideas, encouraging creativity. Nowadays the power is the sharing of knowledge and am a great believer of the indirect effect.

I live mainly in west London, with family in Rome, Paris and Boston Mass.


socializing, new technology, klimov's 'come and see', ernst lubitsch 'the little shop...', rohmer's 'a winter's tale', hitchcock's 'north by northwest', louis malle's 'le souffle au coeur', bunuel's 'exterminating angel', suzanne bier's 'open hearts', any woody allen and billy wilder and all of seinfeld. basically anything that i can watch again and still learn and laugh. besides cinema, hiking, reading, skiing, social media, this is spinal tap, i like travelling, influences and inspirations start with my favourite films. any preston sturges, writing and constantly learning.